Jun 26, 2007

don't stare

life is great...people are weird.

analysis is like a lobotomy. who wants to have all their edges shaved off? so...i've stopped analyzing. it's fun. sometimes i catch myself doing it still, but i don't have time for that.

people stare, people look, people judge. what am i gonna do about it?
the past few weeks have been the best. vacation mixed with friends mixed with love.

the cottage was crazy. three days of board games, drinking, eating, and other stuff. lots of bugs though, and ekiva dug her own grave in my aunt's lawn. adam was none too pleased. we were especially enamoured with a game dan brought up called 'guesstures'. don't have enough space to describe the ridiculousness of it. here are some pictures to never forget...

return to reality...party time, bocce time, gizz-ay time.

oops, i killed two squirrels by accident and conor broke my window. oh yeah, and i lost my wallet. bad luck, but i hated that wallet.

xoxo cubby

May 23, 2007

bob lawblaw's law blog

My first post in forever and ever. Best friend Dean started a blog yesterday that is already my favourite.

My blog will be the side car to Dean's big manly motorcycle.

Expect more later...when I have something to say.


Jan 14, 2007

you can't fail if you never give up

it feels like i've been at home for the entire day. in reality, it's been half a day...kinda lame. someone yesterday said blogging would be so passe. they mentioned getting "BLOG" tattooed on themselves and how next year blogging would be gone and the next hip thing would be called bananas.

who knows. either way, i'm starting a blog. fuck whatcha heard!!!!

i've been watching the real world austin. maybe i like it cause i really liked austin. maybe cause i want to live with 5 other bastids in a house where all we do is drink copious amounts of alcohol until we're in a fight or in jail or in a hot tub all together pretending we're best friends. wait, i kind of already have that. they are filming a doc for sxsw. hilarious. they really, really don't love music.

last night ohbijou played the bellwoods charity show for the daily bread food bank. was fun. there was a lineup down the street. those guys are so good. so endearing.

i cut my hair and i look like a children's doll.

24 is returning tomorrow. i don't think i've been this excited in a long time. except when i got that free case of red bull.